The Institute of Scottish Historical Research runs a popular research seminar programme, with visiting speakers delivering papers on a broad range of topics. Meetings are held in the New Seminar Room, St John’s House, 71 South Street, St Andrews, unless otherwise stated. Talks begin at 5:15pm and drinks and crisps are served.

Institute of Scottish Historical Research Seminars Semester 1, 2021-22

Thursday 23 September (week 2)
Dr Ewan Gibbs (University of Glasgow)
‘Understanding Coal Country: The Meaning and Memory of Deindustrialization in Postwar Scotland’

Thursday 7 October (week 4)
Postgraduate Presentations
Clemmie De la Poer Beresford (University of St Andrews)
‘Cultural projections of royal authority in Prince Henry Frederick’s creation as Prince of Wales in 1610’

Jessica Secmezsoy-Urquhart (University of St Andrews)
‘Liminal insiders? Disabled Natural Fools and Wonders at the Scottish Royal Court 1488-1603’

Thursday 28 October (week 7)
Dr Edda Frankot (Nord University)
‘To underlie the law within three tides as sea faring men’: Merchants and mariners before the Aberdeen courts in the later middle ages

Thursday 11 November (week 9)
Dr Adrián Maldonado (National Museums Scotland)
Creating a nation: an artefactual history of Scotland AD 800-1200

Thursday 25 November (week 11)
Dr Karie Schultz (University of St Andrews)
Education and the Catholic Mission in Scotland, c. 1660-1707

Institute of Scottish Historical Research Seminars Semester 1, 2019-20

Semester Two

Thursday 30 January (week 1)
Postgraduate work in progress panel (TBC)

Thursday 13 February (week 3)
Dr Kylie Murray (University of Cambridge)
New Identifications: George Buchanan and an Unearthed Manuscript in St Andrews.

Thursday 27 February (week 5)
Dr Alex Woolf (University of St Andrews)
Pictoscepticism and the Rise of the House of Alpin

Thursday 12 March (week 7)
Dr Alison Cathcart (University of Stirling)
James VI and I and his empire of islands: the view from the periphery.

Thursday 9 April (week 9)
Karie Schultz (Queens University Belfast)
The reception of Catholic scholastic legal theory in Samuel Rutherford’s Lex, Rex (1644)

Thursday 25 April (week 11)
Dr Adrián Maldonado (National Museums Scotland)
Making a nation: an artefactual history of Scotland AD 800-1200

Semester One

Thursday 19 September (week 1)
Dr Ben Jackson (University of Oxford)
Old Nationalism and New Nationalism: Changing Arguments for Scottish Independence, c.1928-2014

Thursday 3 October (week 3) Annual Smout Lecture


Professor Poul Holm (Trinity College Dublin)
The North Atlantic Fish Revolution, c1500 AD – climate, markets, people

Thursday 17 October (week 5)
Professor Laura Stewart (University of York)
Manuscript Circulation and Political Mobilisation in Covenanted Scotland

Thursday 7 November (week 8)
Dr Jane Harrison (University of Oxford)
New Perspectives on Scandinavian settlement in the Northern Isles: Landscapes,
Longhouses and Place Names

Thursday 21 November (week 10)
Professor Kirstie Blair (University of Strathclyde)
The Piston and the Press: Industrial Heritage, Working-Class History and Literary

Thursday 5 December (week 12) 
Dr Lucinda Dean (University of the Highlands and Islands) 
Raising Royal Scottish Babes: Baptisms, Gossibs and Godparents in Late Medieval and Early Modern Scotland