The Institute runs a popular research seminar program with visiting speakers delivering papers on a broad range of topics.  Meetings are held in the New Seminar Room, St John’s House, 71 South Street, St Andrews (unless otherwise stated).  Drinks and nibbles are served from 5:15pm.

ISHR Seminars and events Candlemas 2017

Thursday 26 January (Week 1)
ISHR seminar, New Seminar Room, 5.30 pm
Dr Malcolm Petrie (St Andrews)
‘Serfdom in Wishaw, Hayek in Kirkcaldy: The thought-world of Scottish nationalism, c.1942-c.1975’

Thursday 9 February (Week 3)
ISHR seminar, New Seminar Room, 5.30 pm
Postgraduate work in progress panel
Morag Allan Campbell ‘A tale of two asylums: Caring for the insane in nineteenth century Dundee and Angus’
Rory MacLellan, ‘The Lion Dormant? Armchair-crusading and the Scottish Hospitallers, 1322-88’
Anne Rutten, ‘How to do things with medieval words: Writing in the reigns of Robert II and Robert III’

Thursday 23 February (Week 5)
ISHR seminar, New Seminar Room, 5.30 pm
Prof Steve Boardman (University of Edinburgh)
‘Bucktooth, Earl Beardie, and the Black Knight: Names and by-names in late medieval Scotland’

Thursday 9 March (week 7)
ISHR seminar, New Seminar Room, 5.30 pm
Dr Valerie Wright (University of Glasgow)
‘”The evils of the present housing conditions”’: Women’s organisations and campaigns for improved housing in interwar Scotland’

Thursday 6 April (week 9)
ISHR seminar, New Seminar Room, 5.30 pm
Ms Lynn Kilgallon (Trinity College Dublin)
‘Parliament, legitimacy and the ‘absent king’ in the insular world (c. 1399-1450)’

Friday 7 April-Sunday 9 April
ISHR Reading Weekend, The Burn

Thursday 20 April (week 11)
Public Lecture, Arts Lecture Theatre, 5.30 pm
Dr Nadine Akkerman (University of Leiden)
‘Missreading Women, Misleading Women: How One Letter Changes Everything’