ISHR Visiting Scholars

2016 – 2017

The ISHR is delighted to announce that we will host Dr Steve Boardman, Professor in Scottish History at the University of Edinburgh, as Visiting Scholar during the academic year 2016-17.


In 2014-15 the ISHR welcomed Dr Lorna Barrow of Macquarie University as a Visiting Scholar. Dr Barrow specializes in queenship and gift exchange associated with royal marriages in fifteenth- and sixteenth-century Scotland and completed her PhD on that topic at the University of Sydney. This is the subject of her first book due for completion this year, to be published in the St Andrews Studies in Scottish History series. During her time in St Andrews, Dr Barrow will be working on research towards another book, Margaret Tudor (1489-1541) Queen of Scots: Queenship, Dynastic Marriage, Gender, Power and Politics in Early Modern Scotland. She will also offer a workshop on Scottish queenship, and its relationship with medieval and early modern gift exchange.


In 2013-14 the ISHR welcomed Dr Esther Mijers of the University of Reading as a Visiting Scholar. During her time at St Andrews Dr Mijers worked on a project considering the life and career of William Carstares (1649-1715), the Presbyterian chaplain and adviser of William III, who is credited with being the father of religious moderatism and the Scottish Enlightenment. Dr Mijers led a workshop on 24 January 2014 on Scotland in the 1680s and 90s.