Presbyterianism and Scottish Literature

Morag Allan Campbell
Thursday 1 September 2016

This half-day colloquium, under the auspices of the Carnegie Literature and Union project, the St Andrews Institutes of Intellectual History and Scottish Historical Research, and the Centre for Robert Burns Studies, University of Glasgow, will take place on Friday 7 October 2016, in The Senate Room, South Street, University of St Andrews (Entrance via the King James Library in St Mary’s Quad).

The event is free and open. However, for catering purposes, please register your interest with Prof. Colin Kidd on [email protected].


2 pm Welcome

2.05 Dr Valerie Wallace (Victoria University, Wellington) ‘Thomas Pringle’

2.40 Gerard McKeever (University of Glasgow), ‘Circling Time: The Scottish Cotter Idyll and Social Change’

3.15 TEA in Undercroft, Mediaeval History, 71 South Street

3.30 Dr Andrew Holmes (Queen’s Belfast), ‘Poetry, politics and Presbyterianism: the Ulster Dimension’

4.10 pm Prof Gerry Carruthers (University of Glasgow), ‘Presbyterianism and the Legacy of Thomas Muir’

4.45 pm Concluding Discussion