Previous Seminars

Martinmas 2016:

Thursday 15 September (Week 1)
Welcome reception, 5-7 pm
The Undercroft, St John’s House, South Street

Thursday 29 September (Week 3)
TC Smout Lecture, Arts Lecture Theatre, 5.30 pm
Dr Clare Jackson (University of Cambridge)
‘Sir George Mackenzie and the Stuarts’

Thursday 13 October (Week 5)
Joint seminar with Reformation Studies, New Seminar Room 5.30 pm
Dr Michelle Brock (Washington and Lee University)
‘”The people readily obeyed the minister”: Life and worship in a covenanting town, 1638-1660’.

Thursday 27 October (Week 7)
ISHR seminar, New Seminar Room, 5.30 pm
Ms Katy Jack (University of Stirling)
‘”Usurpations [and] infringements”: The Earldom of Mar in the 15th Century’

Thursday 10 November (Week 9)
ISHR seminar, New Seminar Room, 5.30 pm
Dr Valerie Wallace (Victoria University of Wellington)
‘The Scottish Disruption and the politics of colonial Auckland’

Monday 21 November (Week 11)
Joint with Modern History, 4.30pm, Room 1.10, St Katharine’s Lodge
Prof John MacKenzie (University of St Andrews)
‘Scottish identity and empire: from the 18th to the 20th centuries’

Thursday 24 November (Week 11)
ISHR seminar, New Seminar Room, 5.30 pm
Dr Miles Kerr-Peterson and Dr Steven Reid (University of Glasgow)
‘James VI and noble power: New thoughts on an old theme’

Candlemas 2016:

Thursday 28 January
PG Work-in-Progress
Andrew Carter:- ‘”A Moderate Presbyterian Episcopacy”: The Church of Scotland, 1660-90’
Amy Eberlin:- ‘The Influence of Flemish Trade on Fifteenth-Century Scottish Politics’
Hannah Lawrence:- The nicety of the heritage sector?: Addressing slavery and colonialism in British historic houses

Thursday 11 February
Dr Claire Hawes (St. Andrews)
‘James III: A “Bad King”?’

Thursday 25 February
Dr Nick Evans (University of Hull)
‘”Historia Brittonum” and perceptions of early history in medieval Scotland’

Thursday 21 April
Dr Allan Kennedy
(University of Manchester)
‘”For Preserving the Publick Peace”: Prosecuting Serious Crime in Late-Seventeenth-Century Scotland’.

Martinmas 2015:

Thursday 24 September Welcome reception
Old Class Library, 5.30-7.30

Thursday 8 October    T.C. Smout Lecture in Scottish History
Prof Sir Tom Devine (University of Edinburgh)
‘Scotland’s Slavery Past: The Origins of Amnesia’
Arts Lecture Theatre, 7pm

Thursday 22 October   research seminar – *NOW CANCELLED*
Ms Amy Eberlin (St Andrews)
‘The Place of Flemish Trade in Fifteenth-Century Scottish Politics’

Thursday 5 November   research seminar
Dr Maks Del Mar (Queen Mary University, London)
‘Is There a Scottish Tradition of Jurisprudence? Neil MacCormick and the Scottish Enlightenment’

Thursday 19 November   research seminar
Dr Kelsey Jackson Williams (St Andrews)